The Entente - WW1 Battlefields

The Entente - WW1 Battlefields 1.3

The entente is a game where you control armies, economical situation and more
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The plot carries us to the military events of 1914-1918. Each detail of the game gives players a truly realistic picture of that historical period: from the interface to authentic look of all buildings, landscapes and units. Everything in the game was created on the basis of archive photos and other chronicles.

In the game you become not only a witness to history, but a powerful and cunning army commander as well. You will lead forces of one of the following European countries: Russia, France, Germany, Austrian Empire and Britain through five campaigns which vary due to the real historical role of each participant.

Use economic tools and hints from your Advisors to increase your forces and destroy brutal enemies. Lead your infantry and cavalry, move forceful tank divisions, occupy air space with your air units and much, much more!

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